Conference Speaker

BDP Conference Economic Psychology (2012), presentation: "Securing the future: sustainable and measurable enhancement of agility in teams"

Teams feel the pressure of very quickly becoming functional, achieving results and reinventing themselves. The success of an enterprise depends more and more on performing sustainably on a high level and empowering the team to courageously take decisions whilst there is a high degree of uncertainty in the variables determining the outcome. Therefore team competencies have to be measured and the important elements determining agility have to be enhanced. Our innovative approach combines a systematical diagnosis, an agile model for improving the competencies and a clear evaluation of the desired target.

In our understanding "being agile" means, for example, having a high degree of self-responsibility, adjusting quickly to new demands, being able to take calculated risks and build a positive culture of dealing with mistakes.

HR Exposition "Zukunft Personal" (Future of Human Ressources) (2010) – Hochleistungsteams nachhaltig bilden, erhalten und fördern (develop, maintain and promote high performance teams sustainably)

Zukunft Personal is one of the most important events for Human Ressources specialists with more than 500 exhibitors. We got the chance to deliver a 30 minute presentation on our Team Coaching Package once a day.

Our presentation stressed that team development is not just a one day event. To achieve sustainable, high performance results an innovative model and systemic approach are needed.
Our Team Coaching Package includes measuring the team Positivity and Productivity, present the results in a workshop and devise specific developments with the team to improve targeted elements. To achieve sustainability the team assesses itself again after 6 month to make the improvement visible and set the next goals.

Würth Kongress 2008, Cape Town, South Africa

Motto for the Würth Congress 2008 was „Health". My presentation "Leadership - Virus or Vitamin?" stressed the manager´s critical influence on psychological and physical health of employees. Due to my work in computer sales I was able to add a presentation "Fit in front- and inspite- of the PC", which involved a lot of exercises and had everybody moving.

Conference Participant

ICF International Conference, St. Louis, USA, 2006, Las Vegas, 2011

ICF Conferences always equals international exchanging of experiences and getting to know new tools and developments - learning through experience instead of from books! Inspiring keynotes help change perspectives and open new lines of thought. Master Coaches demonstrate their skills and bring methods and interventions to life.

Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Coaching, Beijing, 2007

Social responsibility of chinese companies - that sounded interesting! The venue included presentations of professors from Beijing University, coaches talking about their practical experiences in China and small workshops - all in all offering deeper understanding of the Chinese Coaching Community. One key message: Companies must not only produce goods, but promote talented employees.

DBVC Kongress, Potsdam, 2008

The German Coaching Community met here for many interesting workshops and informal exchanges with colleagues.