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Leadership Workshops

Coaching: Dare to explore the heights of your own potential!

Change is inevitable. We are part of a living system confronting us with intended situations and relationships as well as those beyond our control. Our challenge is to cope with personal reflection and change in ourselves as well as in others, instigate it, stand firm during it and implement it successfully.
Coaching furthers and demands finding and unfolding personal ressources, creative (re-) discovery of solutions and the creation of our own role in the system, either in our job environment or in our private life.

Coaching supports you in this endeavour!

Ute Wagner works with targeted interventions, to support you in resolving your issue. She acts as sparringspartner, devil´s advocate, nonjudgemental mirror, acknowledging partner for discussions and visionary on the journey to discover your own potential.


Leadership Training and Coaching

Successful Leadership requires several different competencies: methodical, operational, communicative, social and personal. Our special expertise is in communication (e.g. communication basics, argumentation, negotiation, conflict), enhancement of Emotional Intelligent Leadership (e.g. self-perception as basis of leadership actions, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) and Team (e.g. Team development, team assessment and team coaching).

We live and work internationally - and design our trainings tailored to the customer needs and culture. Understand and be aware of different cultures, build an appreciative dialogue, avoid cultural misunderstandings and keep up curiosity and openness: these are examples of what we want the leaders we are working with to achieve. Building and sustaining relationships across borders (within the company or across cultures) are challenges for today´s leaders - we support them with training and coaching.