What is Coaching - my view

In coaching the Coach and the Coachee enter a professional dialog for a given time frame to deal with person-, process- and organisation-related issues. In systemic coaching the Coachee is at the center of his/her personal system.

My personal beliefs regarding the development of individuals are grounded in the tradition of Carl Rogers and the humanistic-constructivistic approach. An example is the belief that every human being has the potential to advance and enhance their potential in a positive way. This potential for development has to be activated, and thus change made possible.

Coaching supports developing new mindsets, attitudes and behavioral routines. It helps changing no longer viable beliefs or getting rid of blockades and enables selfreflection and reflection of one´s own personal or occupational system.

My personal guiding ideas on Coaching:
The Coachee already owns every ability and skill necessary to implement change. The Coach serves as an unbiased mirror and poses critical or powerful questions, she supports the process by means of an empathetic and appreciative attitude.
In this environment the Coachee is capable of finding and responsible for all solutions.