Customer Coachee´s Position Issue or Goal of Coaching
Beate Johnen GmbH Owner Reframing, decision making
Dr. Herff Beratung und Training Teammembers Individual, e.g. role, goals, reducing insecurity
GIZ GmbH (German International Cooperation) Management Communication, self-organisation, management and customer expectations
Jaguar Deutschland GmbH Head of Sales/Owner Communication, teambuilding
Gruenenthal GmbH different levels Communication, self-presentation, difficult situations
SIG International Services GmbH Employee Self-organisation, definition of role after changes in management structure
VTRCE GmbH Executives Role as a leader, communication, leadership styles
GIZ Ethiopia, Asia Management (national personnel) role, leadership models, difficult situations, feedback, intercultural communication
GIZ Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia Administrative Directors communication and leadership