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A systems constellation showed the coachee's position in his working environment. Questions were asked according to the systemic modell of a social systems (rules, development, behavioral patterns, subjective interpretations, people, system). We developed a feedback questionaire for the employees which was used for self-reflection and to diminish the insecurity about how the coachee was seen by others.

During our work the main issue was clearly identified as being the relationship with the director. Elements of Rational Emotive Therapy (Albert Ellis) helped find and deal with irrational beliefs. The coachee worked on blockades and perceptions, e.g. with reframing. Before the last session we did a half day of shadow coaching. I watched a team meeting and individual discussions with employees and gave immediate feedback.

During the last session the coachee again rated the parameters set in the first session to find and reflect development. We agreed upon a 30 minutes phone follow-up in 6 months.